Here are some tools I’ve developed for the art team at Simutronics.

Tech: 3ds Max, MaxScript

Multi FBX Exporter – This is a wrapper for the FBX exporter which handles some common issues for our artists. Namely, allowing for batch exports, and splitting single objects into multiple child objects based on material so that we can utilize batching features in Unity. With this tool, artists never have to see the object splitting process. They can just keep modeling and assigning material ID’s as necessary, make changes whenever they want and the tool takes care of the splitting process at export time.

Exporter_01 Exporter_02

Lanes Modifier/Exporter
– This tool consists of a custom modifier and a companion exporter. The modifier allows artists to lay out positions to be used in-game for defining playable areas. The positions are based on selections of vertices in the mesh. The exporter then takes those positions and exports dummy objects that can be be imported by Unity along with the 3d object and used in-game. This exporter also supports splitting the mesh by material id to facilitate batching in-game.

LanesModifier_01 LanesModifier_02